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Governance matters!

Before you can claim tokens we’d love to tell you a bit more about all the awesome things you can do with Unlock and why your participation matters.

Reward your Users & Members

ɄDT is Unlock Protocol's governance token and is minted on every transaction. You can use it to reward your most loyal customers or create other incentives to give back your your community.

Custom Keys

Every Unlock key is an ERC-721 for which you can easily set a custom image through our dashboard. Keys are like any NFT and can also be traded on OpenSea.

Token-Gated Communities

Instantly create members only content and social channels where you can easily manage user roles. We have some ready to use integrations with Collab.Land and SwordyBot.

Accept Credit Cards

Engage members that aren't crypto natives by enabling your lock to accept credit cards! Your funds are directly routed to your stripe account.

We're Coming to You!

We have a whole host of easy to use integrations for Discord, Discource, Drupal, WordPress and Webflow!

Join our Grant Program!

Have a vision but don’t see exactly what you need? Apply for a grant! If accepted, we will pay you in our governance token to build it.